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Benefits of Outsourcing Design

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Design Outsourcing is a process by which an organization interacts with a supplier to provide specialized design services.  Organizations may want to consider outsourcing if they do not plan on hiring in-house employees, do not intend to purchase equipment, or if they want to focus on strengthening their own business process.  The most commonly outsourced services are IT support, manufacturing, and design / creative services.

  1. Cost Advantages

The most obvious benefit of outsourcing is saving money.  Overhead costs decrease when your organization does not have to buy specialized equipment or software it may not need to use every day.  The number of needed employees also decreases, saving money that may have been spent on salaries, health insurance, and benefits.  Or if your organization already has the specialized equipment, it can outsource skilled individuals from temporary agencies to avoid full-time pay year round.

  1. Access to Skilled Expertise

Secondly, your organization is able to choose a supplier who is excessively skillful in the production of the needed goods or service.  With the variety of suppliers to choose from, it is easier for organizations to get exactly what they want—more expensive but more skilled, less expensive but less skilled, or somewhere in between.  Your company can receive the benefit of skilled labor without investing in recruiting and training expenditure.

  1. Focus on Business Process

With your organization not having to waste time and money working on the secondary process themselves, it can focus on honing its primary skills and expanding the brand.  Strengthening these parts add to profit margins in the future, as other organizations may consider outsourcing to your skilled organization.

  1. Faster Turnaround

Most services are available whenever your organization needs them. Instead of waiting on full-time in-house employees who are working on other projects, hiring a temporary specialist will allow work to be done quicker and more efficiently.

Why you should Partner with Nova Product Design

Picking an effective partner is essential for the manufacture of a product done exactly how you want it—high quality yet cost effective service.  Here at Nova, we take design seriously and always strive to create our products with as much functionality as needed while saving you money.  We can do any task from a simple drawing to 3D modeling and of course prototyping.

  1. Knowledge of Different Niches

We have a broad spectrum of experience in many disciplines of design, manufacturing, and serviceability, including an extensive range of products and materials.  Being a consultant will expose you to many challenges and solutions during the development process.

  1. Additional Perspective

If you have a device or product you want to bring into the world but do not know how to go about it, we can piece together your ideas to create the final product. Or if you are working on a product and experience challenging roadblocks, we can offer a unique perspective to provide several workarounds.

  1. Expansive Experience

Our team at Nova has over 20 years of experience in CAD work, including plastic part design, sheet metal fabrication, design for assembly and manufacturing, and prototyping.  We understand the mechanics of product creation and preferable methods, from drafting to final production.

  1. Work Side-by-Side

Our clients’ concerns are very important to us; we will always listen to what they have to say and deliver exactly what they need.  We understand time-sensitive goals and are empathetic to our clients who stress to meet them.  Collaboration between your team and Nova is a key element to the design process that ensures that your goals and ultimate vision are realized.  We make it our goal to interact seamlessly with your organization throughout the entire development process.


If your organization has a product development program but have limited in-house resources, consider outsourcing with Nova Product Design.  We are a reliable company who is willing to work alongside our clients to help them overcome challenges and accomplish goals.

-Hayden Barry